Some of our customers have been kind enough to send us wonderful messages of encouragment over the years - we've selected just a few to give you an idea of what they've experienced of Lily O'Brien's Chocolates:

Sarah Barley, UK

"I received a box of Lily O'Brien's chocolates for valentines day from my fiance and they have to be with out a doubt the best chocolates i have ever tasted,it was so hard to pick my favourite as they are all delicious thank you for creating wonderful chocolates". xx

Gareth Parkinson, UK

"I bought my Fiancee a box of your chocolates for Valentines Day. The Desserts collection to be precise. I love chocolate, and this box is a joy to eat. Unfortunately there isn't much sharing with the chocolates as they are so delicious. But if my finacee wants a chocolate, she can buy some herself. ;) Seriously though, it is so refreshing to have a box of chocolates that isn't full of the same old copy-cat sweets found in the rest of the chocolates availible today. This is one selection I won't hesitate to buy time and time again. Thank you.”

Lorraine Coe, New Zealand

"I brought your chocolates when i was visiting Ireland, for my father who is a chocolate lover. We live in New Zealand and they are the best chocolates he has ever eaten, and trust me he has had chocolates from all over the world. They are just the best!"

Fran Heefner

"Fell in love at first bite! Was surprised to find out the chocolates came from Ireland. I am guilty of believing that only the Swiss made good chocolate. I was wrong. Simply delicious!"

Shirlie Anne

"I had the pleasure of getting a box of chocolates from a friend last christmas and absolutely loved them best chocolate I've had"

Fiona Robb, UK

“Your chocolates are to die for thank you so much for the shear indulgence on my special birthday i will recommend your website to anyone looking for that something special a real treat and pure luxury chocolate brilliant well done and thanks”

Tanya Hughes, Australia

"I did not even know the Irish made chocolates is what i said to her. (and me being the daughter of two Dubliners!!) Let me tell you they were delicious!! My husband and I did share them with my parents...and they were a hit. My dad claimed to taste the mists of Ireland in his choice. My only complaint if you can call it that is that there were not nearly enough in the box!!

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